ATL "Ring of Fire" Walking Tour

I have added a second Ring of Fire Walking Tour on Saturday, Feb 13, the day before Valentine's Day...

Ring of Fire refers to an area in downtown ATL that is in the early stages of a massive transformation. The fire part refers to the economic development — capital formation, investment, construction, jobs, tax base, etc. — that will be occurring over the next 10-20 years. The catalyst is a mind-blowing collection of large-scale real estate projects that are located on (mostly) abandoned industrial sites.

On this tour, you will get to connect with ATL's past, present, and future. You will learn about and/or get to see the following projects: Underground Atlanta, South Downtown, Freight House, Centennial Yards. Artisan Yards, Reverb Hotel, Mercedes Benz Stadium, State Farm Arena, and the Margaritaville Hotel.

The video below will give you an idea of what you will see and learn about:

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