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What is ATLsherpa?ATLsherpa is a natural ‘next step’ on a journey that began in 2014 when I started leading walking tours throughout Atlanta. Since that time, I have…
Are we losing our interest in history?Listen now (3 min) | Join the conversation...
Tip of the IcebergWe know practically nothing about other people, and that's a problem
What are your predictions for 2023?Listen now | Do this to sharpen your soothsaying skills...
Tour Photos: McPherson's Last RideListen now (1 min) | The day that General James McPherson kept his rendezvous with death
McPherson's Last Ride: AudioNarrated version of the Wilbur Kurtz article that retraces the General's final horseback ride in Atlanta
This new website honors forgotten heroListen now (14 min) | Major General James B. McPherson, who died in Atlanta on July 22, 1864
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