Atlanta: Prize of War

Atlanta: Prize of War

Retracing the Atlanta Campaign, Part I

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The Atlanta Campaign



The Atlanta Campaign was a major military operation during the American Civil War that took place from May to September 1864. The operation involved dozens of battles and other military activity that occurred between Chattanooga and Atlanta. This podcast series will focus on the major battles, which are listed chronologically below.

"So Atlanta is ours and fairly won."

— General William T. Sherman, September 3, 1864 —

The campaign aimed to capture the city of Atlanta, which was a crucial transportation hub for the Confederacy. The Union forces, led by General William T. Sherman, engaged in a series of battles and maneuvers against the Confederate Army of Tennessee, led by General Joseph E. Johnston. Ultimately, the campaign was a significant Union victory, as they were able to capture Atlanta and deal a significant blow to the Confederacy's war effort.

Atlanta — Prize of War. Historical marker at top of Kennesaw Mountain, with the City of Atlanta on the horizon. Photo by ATLsherpa.

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