Mar 1, 2021 • 56M

ATLsherpa: March 2021

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  1. ATLsherpa Update [01:15]

  2. Upcoming Events & Tours [06:03]

  3. Critical update for Mar 6 virtual tour: Microsoft’s Big Announcement [15:28]

  4. Using Google Earth to enhance my tour experiences [19:45]

  5. ATL’s Vanishing Past: A Call to Explore! [25:40]

  6. 12 things to keep an eye on for the remainder of 2021 and beyond [31:09]

First in-person tour since Feb 2020. This was my first Ring of Fire Tour. Photo taken on the rooftop of the new Reverb Hotel in Castleberry Hill.

ATLsherpa Update

[Audio begins at 1:15]

  • Annual subscriptions discontinued after March 31.

  • Monthly premium and complimentary newsletter will still be available.

  • Complimentary podcast / newsletters (like this) will go out monthly instead of quarterly.

  • Premium subscribers will receive two additional installments each month on the first and third Saturday of the month.

  • Expect more virtual tours. Live Zoom meetings + recordings are free to premium subscribers.

  • Expect about one in-person tour per month. These are also free to premium subscribers.

  • Covid vaccine.

Collage of photos I have taken in Piedmont Park over the years. Click on image to access tour information about my upcoming Spring Equinox Walking Tour.

Upcoming Events & Tours

[Audio begins at 06:03]

Drivers of Demand. This will be the focus of my March 6 Microsoft’s Announcement Virtual Tour (click on image for details)

Critical update for Mar 6 virtual tour: Microsoft’s Big Announcement…

[Audio begins at 15:28]

  • To participate in this event you must register here — even if you signed up via Eventbrite!

  • Please do this ASAP. Current attendance is 90. This event will fill up.

  • Going to create a Google Earth tour for this. Should be fun and interesting.

Using Google Earth to enhance my tour experiences…

[Audio begins at 19:45]

  • Takes the tour guest experience to a whole new level — literally and figurately.

  • Split screen allows me to show what sites look like now (present) vs. past and future.

  • Recording live virtual tours (watch video above) allows people to access this content at anytime and from any place. Think of the people who can’t come on my in-person tours for variety of reasons. Very happy about this.

  • Takes me 10-20 hours to create a one-hour virtual tour. This includes curating the content, mapping out the routes, uploading the text, images, etc. to Google Earth, formatting all of this and then testing it.

  • Watch the video above see what my virtual tours look and feel like.

  • You can also access my Google Earth tour directly if you want to take the tour at your own pace.

  • Feel free to share with friends and family.

ATL’s Vanishing Past: A Call to Explore!

[Audio begins at 25:40]

  • My Mission: Connecting residents and visitors to ATL’s past, present & future

  • Connecting people to ATL’s past is getting more difficult

  • Past is giving way to the future at an ever-increasing rate

  • The past is vanishing right before our eyes (watch video above)

  • Get it while you can!

“You might think that the present is pretty obvious and static but it’s not. The present is subtle and dynamic. It is changing at warp speed. If you have ever done a double-take and asked, “Where the heck did that come from?” (referring to a high-rise building) you know this already. The present pulls the future into existence. Sometimes it pulls the past into a new existence. This is especially true for historic structures like the Candler Building in Downtown Atlanta. Many “old” buildings in Atlanta (entire neighborhoods, in fact) are experiencing a renaissance as we speak.” — ATLsherpa

The ATL region experienced a deceleration in job growth before the pandemic hit. This chart also appears in my “Hindsight is 2020” newsletter (click on image)

12 things to keep an eye on for the remainder of 2021 and beyond…

[Audio begins at 31:09]

  1. Resumption of pre-pandemic activities (level / pace)

  2. Return to the office (hybrid / flex)

  3. Resumption of business travel (inbound / outbound)

  4. Resumption of ACV business (conventions / leisure / mart / sporting events)

  5. Absorption of new real estate (apartments / retail / office)

  6. Job growth

  7. Housing market

  8. Affordable housing

  9. Homelessness

  10. Atlanta Beltline (trail construction / transit plans)

  11. Disruptive technology (AI, AV, EV, WFH, SFH, fintech & real estate)

  12. Financial markets

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