Nov 5, 2022 • 7M

Exploring Atlanta: November 2022

Connecting you with Atlanta's past, present & future

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Connecting residents and visitors with Atlanta's past, present and future. Wide variety of interesting topics, ranging from the city's origins to the impact of disruptive technologies.
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Exploring Atlanta by ATLsherpa is a podcast & newsletter for people who are interested in Atlanta and want to experience the city more fully. My mission is to help you connect with Atlanta’s past, present, and future. You will find a treasure trove of educational content, maps, videos and more at In addition to the Substack app, this podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

Stay curious and keep exploring!

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In this episode…

In addition to the introduction, this podcast has four (4) separate audio clips; one for each section below…
  • PAST: Let’s forget about the future and get on with the past

  • PRESENT: Welcome to the Twilight Zone

  • FUTURE: There’s a scenario for that

  • EXPLORE: Put this outdoor adventure on your bucket list!

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