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I had a little chat with ChatGPT about Atlanta

My take in three words: SMART + ELEGANT + ELOQUENT

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On April 8, 2023, I had a nice little chat with ChatGPT about Atlanta. I recorded the entire session in the video below…

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When I really put ChatGPT to the test, it passed with flying colors…

Just sayin’

Microsoft + ChatGPT: $13B and counting…

No private company is hotter than OpenAI. In November, the San Francisco-based startup introduced ChatGPT, a chatbot that went viral thanks to its ability to craft human-like replies to users’ queries about nearly any topic.

Microsoft’s once under-the-radar investment is now a major topic of discussion, both in venture circles and among public shareholders, who are trying to figure out what it means to the potential value of their stock. Microsoft’s cumulative investment in OpenAI has reportedly swelled to $13 billion, and the startup’s valuation has hit roughly $29 billion.

That’s because Microsoft isn’t just opening up its fat wallet for OpenAI. It’s also the arms dealer, as the exclusive provider of computing power for OpenAI’s research, products and programming interfaces for developers. Startups and multinational companies, including Microsoft, are rushing to integrate their products with OpenAI, which means massive workloads running on Microsoft’s cloud servers.

Microsoft is integrating the technology into its Bing search engine, sales and marketing software, GitHub coding tools, Microsoft 365 productivity bundle and Azure cloud. Michael Turrin, an analyst at Wells Fargo, says it could all add up to over $30 billion in new annual revenue for Microsoft, with roughly half coming from Azure.

Source: CNBC, April 2023

Let’s be real (about AI)

Here's the blunt reality…

  1. There's a simple law of business and technology: If it can be built, it will be built. The idea that countries, companies or individuals will simply pause their work seems silly. They won't.

  2. There's a simple rule of modern governance: Technology always outruns regulation. The idea of a divided government locking arms to smartly regulate this AI seems silly. No chance.

So be a realist.

This technology is coming at a velocity almost no one outside AI companies fully realizes. We're talking months — not years — before impact. And it will rock your world. At first, gradually. Then, suddenly.

First jobs to get hit…

Basically any job that involves writing or coding; creativity; information synthesis; or sifting through large sets of data or info (lawyers, researchers, etc.).

Soon, the AI machines will do a lot of this better than 99% of humans — because they ate the totality of human information on the internet to predict your next thought, word or move.

Source: Finish Line: Be an AI realist by Jim VandeHei, Axios

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