Jul 1, 2021 • 5M

ATLsherpa: July 2021

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Connecting you with Atlanta's past, present and future
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ATLsherpa is an educational podcast & newsletter for people who would like to know Atlanta on a deeper, more meaningful level. My mission is to help you connect with ATL’s past, present, and future. Steve Saenz, ATLsherpa

Time to Explore!

The pandemic is over, it’s time to get outside and explore!

In this issue of ATLsherpa, I will be sharing ten of my favorite tour maps. Since I started leading tours in 2014, I have designed and led hundreds of tours throughout the City of Atlanta. When I design a new tour I first create it in Google My Maps. I then do a “recon mission,” where I go out and do the tour myself. I take photos and make notes (actual and mental) about the things we will be seeing along the way.

One of the nice things about Google My Maps is that you can make the maps interactive by adding photos, videos and other relevant information. This allows you to create tour maps that people can use to take the tours on their own both in person and virtually.

In the video below, I share ten of my favorite tour maps. These are highly customized maps that contain tons of information that you can use to explore and learn about ATL. I also share tips on how to get the most out of these maps. This will create a much better experience for you and help you get the most out of these maps.

Please feel free to share these maps with your friends. You can share them individually (explained in the video) or just share this issue of ATLsherpa. The best idea is to gather a group of friends and take these tours together. I hope you find these maps helpful. Have fun, stay curious and keep exploring!

Steve Saenz, your ATLsherpa

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