May 6 • 5M

Retracing the Atlanta Campaign

A new educational podcast series from ATLsherpa

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Connecting residents and visitors with Atlanta's past, present and future. Wide variety of interesting topics, ranging from the city's origins to the impact of disruptive technologies.
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"Retracing the Atlanta Campaign," an educational podcast series from ATLsherpa, launches tomorrow, May 7, 2023. Please subscribe to my podcast if you would like to participate. Free subscribers will have access to about 30% of each podcast. Paid subscribers will have full access and will be able to participate in and contribute to the concurrent discussion. Stay curious and keep exploring!

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The “Atlanta Campaign” was a significant military operation during the American Civil War that began on May 7, 1864. It was a crucial campaign for the Union Army as it aimed to capture the vital transportation hub of Atlanta, which was a major Confederate stronghold. The campaign was led by Union General William T. Sherman and involved several major battles and skirmishes, which ultimately led to the Union's victory.

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