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Sherpa Cafe: Episode #15

The Paradox of Progress

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Exploring Atlanta's past, present and future. This podcast is for premium subscribers.
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Exploring Atlanta’s Past, Present & Future [10:00 — 15:14]

  • PAST: Hood vs. McPherson

  • PRESENT: The Paradox of Progress

  • FUTURE: Transit in Transition

Why We Explore

Gen. John Bell Hood (left) | Gen. James Birdseye McPherson (right)

PAST: Hood vs. McPherson [15:15 — 34:02]

Battle of Atlanta

Atlanta Medical Center, Peachtree Center, Zesto and Star Bar are some of the institutions that epitomize the Paradox of Progress occurring in Atlanta today

PRESENT: The Paradox of Progress [34:03 — 58:34]

Georgia has emerged as a leader when it comes to electric-vehicle production. Meanwhile, MARTA enjoys some strong tailwinds from historic transit funding…

FUTURE: Transit in Transition [58:35 — 1:08:00]