FALLing in love with ATL

FALLing in love with ATL

Cultivating a deeper connection with the city we call home...

In this episode…

  1. Cultivating a deeper connection with the city we call home [5:48 — 27:21]

  2. Atlanta Real Estate Report website and podcast [27:22 — 30:15]

  3. Upcoming Events, including two N. GA adventures for premium subscribers [30:16 — 33:35]

  4. Sherpa Cafe Update: Next episode drops Oct 16 [33:36 — 35:19]

  5. Ten outdoor adventures for those who really want to experience the fall colors [35:20 — 55:43]

Continuing the Conversation was designed and created by Atlanta sculptor Martin Dawe. It depicts Parks at age 42 — the year her courageous act launched the Montgomery Bus Boycott and a movement that would reshape the nation — and at age 92, the year she died. They sit across from each other, with an empty seat between them, inviting passersby to participate. Photo by ATLsherpa (shout out to Sravanthi Meka for taking me to this special place on the Georgia Tech campus)

Cultivate a deeper connection with the city you call home… [5:48 — 27:21]

I have come to realize that some people were put on this planet to explore! These folks tend to be adventurous, curious, and enlightened. They like to learn and discover new things. Weather permitting, they prefer to be outside. They feel a special connection with nature and (almost always) with animals. Explorers have a healthy respect for history and the people who occupied this area before we arrived. Long before we arrived!

If you are one of these people, we are kindred spirits. As a fellow explorer, I would like to invite you to join me on this treasure hunt. Let’s explore ATL together. Let’s uncover the hidden treasures that are all around us. I will be your guide — your virtual Sherpa, if you will. I will help you connect with ATL on a deeper level, a more meaningful level. In so doing, you will develop a greater appreciation for this city. You will also acquire some new skills that you use to help others uncover the hidden treasures that ATL has to offer. In time, you too may become a Sherpa. I sure hope so.

Excerpt from What (who) is ATLsherpa? (Jan 16, 2021)

The best time to take the Peachtree Street History & Architecture Walking Tour is early on a Sunday morning. Photo by ATLsherpa.

But how?

  • Make time to explore (put it on your calendar)

  • Explore physically and virtually

  • Invite some friends; become a Sherpa!

  • Walking is the best way to connect with your city

  • Explore at night and early on weekends

  • Get out of your comfort zone

  • (23 adventures awaiting you)

  • Connect with Atlanta’s past, present and future

See also: A Deeper Connection by Kim O’Connell for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy

The Krog Street Tunnel looks even cooler after midnight on a weekday night. Photo by ATLsherpa

Atlanta Real Estate Report [27:22 — 30:15]

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Upcoming Events [30:16 — 33:35]

My last public walking tours: Oct 8 and Nov 19

Please do not miss my last two tours. Click on image for details and to register.

Sherpa Cafe Update [33:36 — 35:19]

  • New format / new home

  • Episode #15 (accessible to all)

  • Listen to discussion about Hood vs McPherson

  • Past and future episodes for premium subscribers only (upgrade @ $5/month)

Carter Center Grounds in late October. Photo by ATLsherpa

Ten outdoor adventures for those who really want to experience the fall colors… [35:20 — 55:43]

November is the new October! In the City of Atlanta, expect to see peak colors in late October through mid-November.

  1. Explore the Carter Center Grounds

  2. Explore Olmsted Linear Park (especially Deepdene Park!)

  3. Explore Stone Mountain Park (the Cherokee Trail rocks!)

  4. Explore Amicalola Falls State Park (take the East Ridge Loop Trail up)

  5. Spend at least one night at the Len Foote Hike Inn (take the Hike Inn Trail)

  6. Hike to Preacher’s Rock along the Appalachian Trail at Woody Gap (moderate hike)

  7. Climb Blood Mountain (gorgeous trail and views; strenuous hike)

  8. Climb Mt. Yonah (spectacular views; even more strenuous hike)

  9. Explore Talulah Gorge State Park (hiking trails)

  10. Take a ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway (spend night in Blue Ridge if possible)

Stay curious and keep exploring!

Steve Saenz, your ATLsherpa

When we explore, we discover new things! I discovered this magnificent moose while exploring the grounds at the Carter Center. Photo by ATLsherpa.
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